The project will lead to a complete, functional and safe road network 2.80 km long in the Greek side and 1,50 km long in the Albanian side. 

The results of the project will contribute to extrovert development through easy approach by the public, increasing capacity and traffic, removing isolation, developing  existing entrepreneurship, improving the quality of life and retaining the population. 

The project concerns in the synergy within the framework of sustainable mobility and therefore of sustainable development. The new road infrastructure is an element of added value for the cross-border area on the basis of modernization - completion of infrastructure to achive economic and social development, reducing of the regional disparities, convergence and upgrade of public authorities' institutional capacity for effective administration and management of the reserve in the areas in their jurisdiction.    

Regarding the programm’s output indicators the following are fulfilled (2,8+1,5)= 4,3 km of CB road network studied and to be constructed, equivalent to (2800x6.00m 1500,00x6,00)=25.800m2 of CB road network studied and to be constructed. 

In relation to the effect indicators the planned road network is in direct synergy with the envisaged interventions linking the wider area of Tzoumerka with the Ionian Highway and by extension to the Egnatia highway and the construction of the Ioannina-Kakavia road axis.    

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The Project is co-funded by the European Union and by National Funds of Greece & Albania

The content of the publication herein is the sole responsibility of the publishers and it does not neces­sarily represent the views expressed by the European Commission or its services.