Roads construction in the Dropull Municipality

The road construction project in the Dropull Municipality involves the improvement of the road connection from the provincial road Ano-Kato Episkopi towards the most significant cultural monument of the municipality, the Byzantine church Nativity of Mary and then towards the Radat village. 
The church is included in the list of cultural monuments under protection and is one of the main reference points of the Dropull Municipality cultural reserve. According to the church's history, it was built upon an ancient temple and the English traveler Holland reports that in 1812, an inscription claims costruction during the Emmanuel Comnenus Empire (1143-1180). An inscription that has been preserved on the wooden temple mentions building in 1501. Next to the church a piece of the historic Great Road is preserved, allegedly an artery from the Egnatia Road. 

The WP4 relate to the implementation of improvement projects of 1.50 Km of municipal road with 6.00m wide in the Dropull Municipality

The project include restoration of the geometrical characteristics, patency, tackling landslides, retaining walls, rainwater drainage, signage and safety infrastructure


  1. Elaboration of detailed Works design

  2. Road construction in Dropul Municipality

Budget:     223.579,00 €

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The Project is co-funded by the European Union and by National Funds of Greece & Albania

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