Project Methology

The activities proposed by the project are organized logically into a certain number of components, which emphasize in activities related with the implementation  and the content of each action taking place in the project's framework. Initially the Lead Partner in cooperation with the partner came up with the proposed  project idea aiming to the exchange of experiences and practices for the local development of their regions.

In order to achieve this objective all the activities are subdivided in coherent components. The first component WP1  "Project Management and Coordination" comprises of the preparation activities, which include the preliminary steps, the primary communications among the involved parties and the development of the plan from the initiative  ideas. As far as management and coordination activities are concerned, four meetings of the steering committee will take place.

In order to develop the project management plan, the internal regulation guide, to appoint the dates for the reports, the action plan and the timetable of activities etc. both parties define the Communication and Dissemination activities (WP2) , via conferences as well as publicity through the Web and the Media. One launch meeting, 3 coordinating meetings, four open conferences will be implemented. The meetings involve a presentation of the Cross-border Program, the project, the areas of intervention etc, the management of the project while it is in progress. The conferences are held to inform local authorities, organizations and population about the project and encourage them to have a strong involvement in all the phases of the project, while at the end conferences in both countries there will be a presentation of the results and the deliverables of the project, a short evaluation of the initiative and an open discussion about the possibilities of a future cooperation.

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The Project is co-funded by the European Union and by National Funds of Greece & Albania

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