The project’s expected outputs relate to: 

Tangible infrastructures
1. Implementation of improving the infrastructure of three municipal roads in the municipality of Georgios Karaiskakis, 2.80 km long 
2. Implementation of improving the access road, 1,50 km long, towars the listed heritage site of the Byzantine Church Nativity of Mary in Kato Episkopi and the Radat village. 
Both projects include the rehabilitation works of the geometrical characteristics, arranging of rainwater, landslide protection walls and the total reconstruction of the asphalt pavers in combination with the required marking and safety features. 
Road signs for access to neighboring municipal natural and cultural resources are also included. 

Intangible actions 
4 coordination meetings in Albania and Greece, 
2 open conferences.The aim is to inform local authorities, organization and population about the project and encourage them to have a strong involvement in all the phases of the project, while at the end conferences in both countries there will be a presentation of the results and the deliverables of the project, a short evaluation of the initiative and an open discussion about the possibilities of a future cooperation. The aim is to communicate the results of the project to the cross-border local population and authorities and to evaluate its results. 
1 Web site with information on the project, the intervention area, the cross-border programme, 
IT equipment. 

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The Project is co-funded by the European Union and by National Funds of Greece & Albania

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