Communication & Dissemination

Communication and dissemination goals

The communication  and  dissemination effort  of  Extrovert Roads,  aims  to  accomplish  the following goals (qualitative and quantitative):

  • Publish and disseminate the results of the project

  • Attract the major stakeholders to events and activities organised by the partnership

  • Contribute  to  the  transfer  and  importation  of  the  identified  Good Practices

  • exploit synergies in liaisons and collaborations.

  • create  an  affiliate  network  of  external  stakeholders  (infrastructures  and networks in related fields);

  • raise awareness about sustainable mobility amongst policy makers, funding bodies nd major related public institutions;

 The stakeholders should become aware of the project’s scope and agenda and how these are connected to their own needs and priorities. 

 As  a  consequence,  one  major  challenge  for  the  communication  and dissemination activities of  the project is  to  make the  stakeholders comprehend  the project’s relevance to their needs and to consider how the project might help them to confront their problems and issues for  extrovert development through easy approach by the public, increasing capacity and traffic, removing isolation, developing existing entrepreneurship, improving the quality of life and retaining the population

 To make the project  success each partner should:

  • carry out a goal-driven communication plan aiming at disseminating for a direct exploitation: GP & tools for the local policies improvement, and  recommendations  for the local policies  improvement, to decision-makers  and  services  in  charge  of  eco-innovation/green  tech  in  study & construction of road infrastructures in  municipal authorities, to policy-makers at national/European level; 

  • balance the project impact on all the wider territory by using large dissemination tools of existing European networks.

Core messages – objectives
A  message  is  a  simple  and  clear  idea  that acts  as a  guiding  principle  for all kinds  of  communication  –  everything  from  the  content  of  leaflets,  brochures and  websites  to  the  agenda  for  a  media  interview,  to  conversations  with stakeholders. Identifying and launching project’s core message, around which the communication  objectives  will  revolve,  is  a  major  challenge  for  the  communication & dissemination plan. This is because a message should be:  
•    Short 
•    Attractive 
•    Easy to remember 
•    In line with the actual scope of the project. 
 Taking all these prerequisites into consideration, three potential core messages for Extrovert Roads have been devised and discussed with the project partners.

Message 1: Extrovert Roads project  will improve policy tools and understanding of integrated road management  as way out for sustainable economic & attractive development  in isolated areas. 

Message 2: Extrovert Roads project  will improve sense of belonging to a community EU citizenship  for CBC area

The proposed messages included key words and phrases, like “integrated transport management”,  “European  Landscape Convention”,  “attractive  growth”, "sense of belonging"  "sustainable mobility"  and  “sustainable  economic  development” which  are  the  main  components  of  the  project.  
The  potential  messages  also contained  prominent  and  promising  terms,  like  "non isolated areas:, “accelerated”,  “improve”,  and “implementation”.





  • Multilingual Project Communication Package

  • Opening events

  • Closing events

  • Mass Media and Web promotion actions

  • Electronic promotional material

Budget:     17.071,00 €

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The Project is co-funded by the European Union and by National Funds of Greece & Albania

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